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FINEST Strawberry Custard (60mL)

If you’re looking for love at first vape, get ready to meet your new favorite blend. One of the latest in their award-winning collection, Strawberry Custard is demonstrative of The Finest’s mastery in the art of premium e-liquid crafting. Smooth, creamy, and downright delicious, this delight is about as good as it gets!

Strawberry Custard E-Juice by The Finest is among the most mouthwatering and enjoyable blends available today. It begins with a generous helping of rich and creamy custard, which is then enhanced with a selection of mountain-fresh strawberries, balancing the custard marvelously.

If you want an e-liquid profile that can be enjoyed for weeks on end without boring the palate, Strawberry Custard by The Finest is the perfect choice for you.