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FRESH FARMS Strawberry Farm Cake (60mL)

Are you looking for a dessert flavor that tastes like it came straight out of grandma’s kitchen? You know, the type that’s hot, fresh, and oh-so richly irresistible. If those cravings are really starting to kick up, Strawberry Farm Cake by Fresh Farms Eliquid 60ml is what you need. It allows you to indulge in a sweet treat without any feelings of guilt. A buttery shortcake is topped with fresh strawberry slices and velvety puffs of freshly made whipped cream.

As soon as you inhale this magical flavor, the tangy, bright taste of perfectly ripe fruit dances in your mouth. It become increasing sweeter thanks to a sprinkle of sugar. Then, the moist cake flavor flows over your tongue with its rich and savory taste. As you exhale, whipped cream melts into your taste buds.

Strawberry Farm Cake vape juice from Fresh Farms E-Liquid comes in a medium-sized bottle with a delectable cloud chasing base of 70/30 VG/PG.

This E-Juice has that homemade sensation that warms your heart while pleasing your vaping palate.